Josh Brolin Is Playing Cable In Deadpool 2

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Josh Brolin is a busy man as he is already playing Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War set for release in 2018.

Now the man has booked himself yet another comic book movie role as he will now play the coveted role of Cable in the highly anticipated Deadpool 2.

The Hollywood Reporter says Josh Brolin will indeed play the role of Cable opposite Ryan Reynolds in the Deadpool 2 movie.

This is backed up by Brolin himself as he posted it an interesting message over on Instagram. He said: "When you have a man-crush on Ryan Reynolds, what do you do? CRUSH IT!!!!! #deadpool2 #cable @20century_fox @vancityreynolds"

The role of Cable had been attached to many actors over the past year or so. The character was announced to be in Deadpool 2 during the end-credits of the first Deadpool movie.

Many old tough guy actors were interested in playing the role.

This included the likes of Stephen Lang, Kevin Nash, Pierce Brosnan, Brad Pitt and even Michael Shannon. The latter already got to play General Zod in DC's Man of Steel.

In the end though, it was Brolin that impressed 20th Century Fox the most. This is very interesting as aforementioned, Brolin is already attached to play Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War which is also set to be released in 2018.

That being said though, the Thanos role will only be his movements and voice. We don't get to see his real face since Thanos is fully animated with CGI.

Personally, I'm happy with Brolin nabbing the role even though I thought Stephen Lang was perfect for Cable. It's possible 20th Century Fox got Brolin since he's slightly younger so can attach himself to more movies in the future.

At least Kyle Chandler wasn't picked for the role as he was the first name to be thrown around. Chandler doesn't have the roughness required for the role.

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