Jordyn Castor: Overcoming The Odds Dealt To Her To Pursue Her Education In Computer Science

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A remarkable woman represents what it means to overcome obstacles and keep on pushing.

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Jordyn Castor is a senior studying computer science at Michigan State University and though she was born blind she does not let that or any other personal obstacles get in her way.

Castor was given the opportunity by a recruiter for Goldman Sachs who she says came running up to her at a career fair.

Castor said she chatted with the man and gave him a resume and a month and a half later she was offered a job.

She is currently working through her internship with Goldman Sachs in New York City and is using her skills to work on areas of accessibility and usability of software for people with disabilities.

Castor hopes to bring these softwares that are available to larger developers who she says may not be aware of the technology and software that is available for people with disabilities.

Castor talked about the scholarship she received from MSU that was welcomed by her because of the cost of living in New York. When you watch the video and see how Castor is able to go along her day without a complaint, it really makes you think about your own life and inspires you to stop complaining and strive to do better.

Castor is one of the many who overcome obstacles on a daily basis and she has taken advantage of opportunities that have been given to her, without letting her disability to get in the way of what she is doing.

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