Jonah Hill and Jimmy Fallon Draw A Nude Model on The Tonight Show

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During his press run for the upcoming film, War Dogs, Jonah Hill visited The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and during his visit, Hill and Fallon drew a nude model and Hill also told a story of how Miles Teller stole his heroic moment.

While War Dogs isn't out for another couple of weeks, Hill is ramping up the promo for the film. So, naturally he and Fallon visited the Arts Student League where they were learning techniques from professionals.

They started with a charcoal drawing of a fruit bowl still. Together they drew some interesting pieces and joked about both works.

They moved on to a live model which happens to be an older naked man. Hill and Fallon couldn't contain their laughter and Hill broke his laughter by telling Fallon to grow up.

When they finally agreed on a pose from the live model, Hill stated that he could appreciate the look because it said, "I don't care what you think, but I still want to hear what you think." Fallon thought it was pretty sassy and Hill then said that the model is actually his father. It was a pretty hilarious conversation between the two.

Things got even better when the two had to draw portraits of each other.

During the visit, Hill also told Fallon about his co-star Miles Teller, who he says stole his heroic moment from him. Hill said he didn't feel like joining Teller and his friends at the beach just yet and took a little nap.

By the time he had arrived at the beach, Hill said Teller was signing babies and photographers were taking pictures for him as people clapped along.

He explained that Teller was walking in the water and a 9-month pregnant lady saw a shark. She asked him to walk her to shore and he very calmly did so, which made him a big hero.

They even had a photo to prove that it really happened. Hill said it should have been him that was the hero but he was asleep for 15 minutes.

He said even the film crew clapped for Teller the next day.

You can catch both Jonah Hill and Miles Teller in War Dogs when it hits theaters on August 19. You can watch the hilarious interview and nude model art session with Hill and Fallon in the video below.

Jonah Hill and Jimmy Fallon Draw A Nude Model on The Tonight Show

Jonah Hill Tells Jimmy Fallon How Miles Teller Stole His Heroic Moment