Jon Leiberman & Sour Shoes Light Up Howard Stern's SiriusXM Radio Show

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If you've been keeping track of the Howard Stern SiriusXm radio show, you know Jon Leiberman and Sour Shoes have got a special 5 part series planned. The guys stopped by the show to detail that and much more.

"Howard said Jon Leiberman worked really hard on this Sour Shoes special," according to MarksFriggin.

"Howard said that the 5 part Embedded series starts today and there will be 5 episodes this week.

Howard said you can download them on the SiriusXM app too. Howard said they have clips and the first embedded episode up on right now."

Sour Shoes started off the show by doing some of his famous impressions and Stern made some pretty funny comments about Sour's baby voice.

Stern said that the voice creeped him out according to the wrap-up. Things the spiraled into talk about Sour Shoes' mother as well as Shoes' preferred type of women.

"Jon said he was asking Sour Shoes mother about having a 36 year old son living at home and she said that he's actually 41," according to MarksFriggin.

"Sour said he lies so he can say the date of 1979 to use Gary's 'Noine' in there. Howard said he also found out that Sour doesn't masturbate. Howard said he's not sure he believes that.

Howard said he sees himself as a little boy so maybe that's true. Howard asked if he's embarrassed to say he does it. Sour said he doesn't do it. He said he likes women like Jennifer Love Hewitt."

From lunch boxes to other types of toys that Leiberman says Sour Shoes has in his collection, the interview was quite enlightening. Stern was weirded out by the fact that Shoes said the lunch boxes made him feel comfortable and when they opened his lunchbox on the show it was filled with toys. Impressions from Sour Shoes included, Mad Dog Russo and Scott Ferrall.

The full discussion was so comedic that Jillian Barberie tweeted about how brilliant she thought sour was and how excited she was to get a shout out from him on the Stern Show.

You can check out the full interview here.

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