Jon Bellion's Homecoming On 'The Beautiful Mind Tour': Fans Twitter Thank You's Pour In

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The rising Visionary Music Group Artist Jon Bellion performed what looked to be one of the most special legs of his "Beautiful Mind Tour" in his hometown, New York.

While Bellion took to Twitter to thank his fans for the experience they returned the thank you's.

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"New York Was Insanely Surreal And Special For Me Yesterday," read Bellion's tweet. Being born and raised in New York is clearly something that is very near and dear to Bellion.

In fact Bellion penned a song dedicated to his home and his family titled, "New York Soul," off his free album "The Separation." In the soft piano driven song Bellion sings about the care packages he gets from his parents while on the road.

He touchingly sings about having to deal with interacting with his family via social media and Skype, as well as how much he misses them.

"New York Soul" Music Video

According to Bellion, "Around the world my body will roam, but my soul's in New York," which never seemed to be more true than in his reaction via Twitter and Instagram to the fans, family and friends who took the time to attend his show. Even better Bellion was able to share the moment with a large group of very dedicated fans.

Every release so far has been made free to his fans but for the most part they all have the production and body of work that is no different from anything you'd get from an album on iTunes.

Bellion has taken all of the necessary steps to ensure that he will be loved for his craft.

Taking the time to meticulously concentrate on the production and lyrics that go into his song adds to his character as a musician.

Sonically Bellion is one of the best artists who has yet to see main stream light other than his stellar contributions to Eminem and Rihanna's "Monster" and Jason DeRulo's "Trumpets." His current rise in success speaks volumes of his ability to produce some of the most masterful music and without a doubt carry him towards am even greater sense of importance to music.

Bellion's show looked to be the last on "The Beautiful Mind Tour" but if fans missed it his YouTube Channel has some of the action summarized in two epic videos.

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