Jon Bellion Schools The Fellas, Melanie Iglesias' Boyfriend

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Not only is he one of the smoothest rising artists in music right now but Jon Bellion happens to be even smoother with the ladies, well, one in particular and her name is Melanie Iglesias.

Jon Bellion was tearing it up on the "Beautiful Mind Tour" and along the way a fan turned someone more special seems to hold his attention, aside from his fans of course. Melanie Iglesias has posted a few photos that poses direct hints to Bellion being her boyfriend.

Don't worry this isn't bashing the couple at all because they are practically "relationship goals" for a lot of people out there.

In May Iglesias posted a video of her singing Bellion's "Woke The F*ck Up" which was later one retweeted by Bellion. The she began popping up in more and more photos with the singer.

Kimmy Jimmel w/ Bon Jellion (photo cred: @forza_zuma )

A photo posted by Melanie Iglesias (@melanieiglesias) on

Iglesias attended Bellion's Firefly set as well where they continued to flick it up. Then came the moment fans realized that maybe Bellion is in fact Iglesias boyfriend.

Bellion held Iglesias hand as she took a photo of them through a mirror and in front of them was a huge bouquet of roses and a cake display for Iglesias birthday.

In the caption of the photo, Iglesias raved about how special Bellion made her day and from then on he continued to show up on her social media accounts.

One thing is for sure, Bellion and Iglesias make one hot couple and the man has got some serious game.

Me And This One At FireFly Yesterday. @melanieiglesias

A photo posted by Beautiful Mind (@jonbellion) on

This man made my birthday so freaking special!!!! @jonbellion

A photo posted by Melanie Iglesias (@melanieiglesias) on

#family #love #favs

A photo posted by Melanie Iglesias (@melanieiglesias) on

u g g h h h

A photo posted by Melanie Iglesias (@melanieiglesias) on

Just cuz?

A photo posted by Melanie Iglesias (@melanieiglesias) on

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