Jon Bellion Releases 'Simple and Sweet' Music Video Review, 'The Definition' To Be Released In September

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Jon Bellion releases a visually stunning music video for "Simple and Sweet," the second single off the upcoming album "The Definition."

The video begins as Bellion is floating above the cityscape in a meditative stance as he sings the song. The song itself is in fact simple and sweet as the subject matter deals with someone coming into your life and making it better.

Initially the song is heavily dependent on Bellion's voice but towards the middle it features the break down with a heavy hip-hop beat as he pounds away on his MPC device.

"I wanted to create something comforting and soothing. Something opposite of where we are sonically in music right now.

A big bowl of Imogen Heap and Phil Collins-esque ingredients with a Jon Bellion backbone. A brain massage with a gangster-ass outro," said Bellion of "Simple and Sweet," according to

Fans of "Simple and Sweet" can also look forward to a mini doc on the song later on today according to Bellion's Twitter page.

Check out the stunning visual for "Simple and Sweet" below. "The definition is scheduled to be released on September 23.