Jon Bellion Mock Tutorial For Upcoming Producers, 'The Beautiful Mind' Tour Kicks Off In October

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Jon Bellion remains serious about his craft at all times writing, composing and producing. But this time he gives us a look at his humorous side with an Instagram Mock Infomercial for upcoming producers.

"I know what you're thinking," said Bellion in the short Instagram video. "How do I become a good producer, do my drums swing?"

Then just like that out of nowhere comes a confusing trumpet and just when you think he's just being silly, the beat drops and something amazing happens in just seconds.

It's an attest to how natural it comes to him, some might say it's all "Simple and Sweet."

So far Bellion has released "Munny Right," off the upcoming debut album "The Definition," set to release on September 23.

Along with "Munny Right," Bellion has also released a music video for a song called, "Simple and Sweet" that is masterful in itself.

He also teased the second single off the album called "How I Felt When I Finished" which he said is an answer to "Munny Right" via Twitter.

He also says that both songs are about how he felt about his success. If it is anything like "Simple and Sweet" and "Munny Right," fans might lose their mind from the talents Bellion possesses. It is easy to critique Bellion as a good musician because he doesn't hide his talents.

His behind the scenes on YouTube showcase how each song is carefully put together along with the mental battles he has with how he wants it all to come together.

He showcased the ability take one simple loop (which he listened to over and over again), and turn it into a work of art like a sculptor staring at a piece of marble for hours before he creates his masterpiece.

Check out the making off "Simple and Sweet" below and look out for Bellion as he starts his "The Beautiful Mind" tour in October.