Jon Bellion Continues To Tease New Music

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It's been months since Jon Bellion released "The Definition," a brilliant free album for his long time fans. Now, Bellion looks to continue teasing a new project but things get more interesting with a blurred track-listing on iTunes.

The lines of songs seem to overflow the entire image and Bellion's simple declaration that the playlist is of all the new music is just going to make fans even more anxious than they already are. Bellion is somewhat of a cryptic artist when it comes to Twitter.

He often shares when projects are coming up closer to their release as fans have seen in the past for projects like "The Definition." One thing to not is that there is normally a single or two associated with the project before it sees a release, however, fans have yet to receive any new music as of lately.

One thing about Bellion, however, is the fact that when he does in fact release something, it's a well produced masterpiece free to his fans.

His "mixtapes" or "free albums" have contents that rival some of the top albums released by artists today and with the build up to the new project, fans should expect the same quality if not greater.

Now, prepare for a stretch. Bellion tweeted, "Hola Hovito," a famous track off of Jay Z's "The Blueprint" album. Jay Z has been known to sign artists that he believes in and his most recent signees, Touche Amore, are proof that he is not afraid of straying away from Hip-Hop and R&B. So, is Bellion simply shouting out HOV or could there be a deal in the works? We warned you it's a stretch, but for an artist such as Bellion it's not far to think that an artist like Jay Z would sign him. Bellion's musical talent is lightyears ahead of the game. Fans will have to be a little patient and stay tuned to Bellion's Twitter to find out more about the new music.

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