Jon Bellion Announces New Single 'Woodstock: A Psychedelic Fiction'

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At this point he's released three free projects and played shows all over Europe and the U.S., now just months after releasing "The Definition," Jon Bellion gets set to bring fans more new music with "Woodstock: A Psychedelic Fiction."

(Audio Below)

(Update: Bellion releases the new track today March 31. It's an amazing treat for the listeners ear much like many of Bellion's previous works. He's tapped into the ability to let the listener hear each layer of sound that is put into the project and for that accomplishment music fans will appreciate his music.)

Bellion teased the announcement of "Woodstock: A Psychedelic Fiction" both the day before and hours before the official announcement last yesterday. He then followed it up with the official tweet showcasing the title and the release date for the single.

What's been most impressive about Bellion is the fact that he continues to bring fans high quality music for free, now this pattern can't continue forever but there is no word on whether or not the new project will be a free album or not. At this point he has amassed such a loyal fan base that they may not mind paying for his great music anyway.

Bellion is an artist above anything else. The time he puts into each song is almost baffling, down to the very finest of details just to make sure he has a sonically sound product that fans will enjoy.

The title, "Woodstock: A Psychedelic Fiction," is a little off the beaten path of normal song titles but fans will be eager to hear just what they are in for come Tuesday March 31.

Whatever the sound may be, expect it to be something that will take your ears on one of the best musical journey's you've ever been on.

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