Joey Bada$$ Releases 'Born Day': 'B4.DA.$$' Classic 90's Album In Present Day

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A young rapper with an old style is the best way to put Joey Bada$$'s style of rap and today he celebrates the release of his debut album "B4.DA.$$" and his birthday.

Rather than getting himself something Bada$$ gifted his fans with a free track titled, "Born Day."

(Audio Stream/Download Below)

"Born Day" is a new track produced by the mastermind behind much of the tracks on "B4.DA.$$," Static Selektah. The 90's style track features a sample from one of the 90's best rappers Nas.

The song "Life's A Bitch" was an iconic one for Nas and homage was paid by Bada$$ as he and Static Selektah put their own spin on it.

"B4.DA.$$" has been receiving solid reviews both from fans and critics alike. It is well deserving of this praise as it takes you on a time-trip back into an era of Hip-Hop many feel is completely lost.

Only few rappers have managed to do what Bada$$ has done with his style and delivery, Action Bronson being one of them.

The two collaborated on the track "Run Up On Ya," a bonus featured on Bada$$'s album that is so 90's you'll need to break out your Timbs and puffy jacket for a cold NY winter.

There is no doubting Bada$$'s talent as he has emerged to be one of the top young lyricists in the game. The singles, "Big Dusty," "No.

99" and "Christ Conscious" are all very well put together tracks as is the majority of the album.

"B4.DA.$$" is a very solid start to 2015 and a project that Bada$$ should be very proud to call his debut.

If you want to be transported into a pivotal time in Hip-Hop, you might need to give "B4.DA.$$" a listen.

Listen to "Born Day" below.