JJ Abrams Wants Keri Russell In Star Wars: Episode IX

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Star Wars: Episode IX is set to start filming later this year and reports have already come in on who is returning and who the new faces are.

In regards to the latter, it sounds like director JJ Abrams already has an actress in mind.

According to a report from Variety, JJ Abrams is very interested in casting Keri Russell in a role in Star Wars: Episode IX. She has not been officially cast yet, but talks have already begun for her to be cast in the science fiction epic.

The role is expected to have heavy fight sequences and Abrams wanted Russell since he already worked with her 12 years ago in Mission Impossible 3.

Not to mention she already showed some of her action chops starring in the TV show called "The Americans".

Variety also reports that JJ Abrams will be casting two more new actors, but we won't know who they are yet.

Returning for Episode IX include the likes of Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Oscar Issac and Adam Driver. It's rumored Mark Hamill be be back too, although Hamill himself has yet to be notified.

Abrams and Lucasfilm actually tried looking at many other actresses for the new role, but Keri Russell impressed Abrams the most. We could be getting an official announcement of her involvement in the film very soon since filming starts shortly.

Variety is still unsure if Russell's character is a good person or a bad person, but we should find out more details very soon.

Star Wars: Episode IX releases in December 2019 and is the conclusion to the new trilogy that started in 2015.

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