J.J. Abrams Talks 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' on Howard Stern

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It's going to be a huge month for Star Wars fans as Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be releases in just 19 days.

The film's director J.J. Abrams stopped but the Howard Stern SiriusXM radio show to talk about the film and much more.

J.J. Abrams is getting his shot at directing a film from the classic Star Wars franchise that has been transcending every generation.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is this holiday season's most anticipated film and already has a ton of hype and buzz surrounding it.

The film as Stern pointed out in the interview, takes place 40 years in the future and this time Disney has a ton of stories planned for the franchise.

"Howard asked if it's true that he wasn't working on the weekends while shooting Star Wars. J.J. said he had his daughter with him there in London," according to MarksFriggin's rundown of the show.

"He said he was there for 3 months and he didn't see his wife all that time. He said it was a disaster.

He said that they knew that year was going to be intense. He said Star Wars was a part of it," MF reported.

Abrams also told Stern that he did feel like he took on too much at times. He admitted that it was an overwhelming film to make and also told Stern that "taking on the film was a selfish thing." He was referring to the sacrifices he had to make regarding spending so much time away from his family for a movie that had a budget of $200 million.

Abrams did have full creative power over the film as he told Stern in the interview.

Abrams didn't really dive furthermore on the subject when Stern asked about William Shatner's criticism of him for doing both Star Trek and Star Wars films.

"J.J. said that he screened the movie for some people and he wasn't finished with it. He said the effects weren't in it yet," according to MF.

"He said he was terrified doing that. Howard said that's not a good way to show the film.

J.J. said that's true. He said that the people at Disney wanted to see it and it was about showing them where they were at."

He told Stern that it was also a learning experience for him and he took a lot of notes, especially based on the body language and reactions to the film, despite the fact that it was in a semi stripped down version. Abrams told Stern that he initially turned the film down to end movies that were a part of a franchise or series.

Meanwhile, after getting over that he told Stern a story about how Harrison Ford broke his leg in a hydraulic door accident during filming.

Abrams even addressed the fan who died after watching Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Daniel Fleetwood was terminally ill and his last wish was to see the film before he died.

Fleetwood actually passed away after fulfilling his last wish and Abrams said that it was a sobering experience for him.

In a bit of a comedic break, Stern Show Wack Packer Mick The Nerd came in to ask Abrams a few questions about the film. Abrams tried to answer some of the questions but it was evident that they were a little too in-depth for him to cover.

One of the biggest reveals in the interview was the fact that J.J. Abrams wants to keep Luke Skywalker a secret so that fans can discover it for themselves when they see the film on December 18.

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