Jimmy Fallon Visits The Ellen Show

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The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon stopped by The Ellen Show to chat about his Golden Globes hosting gig coming up and much more. He and DeGeneres also brought the audience much laughter with a game of "Speak Out."

As the two stars chatted about him hosting the Golden Globes this year, Fallon said they had a fun opening for everyone but would not release any spoilers.

He and DeGeneres agreed that it was one of the more fun shows because everyone in the room is pretty much drunk.

Fallon also hosted the Emmy's but his most favorite memory was giving Smokey Robinson an award for UNICEF however, it was actually the UNCF.

In more news, Fallon is going to get his own ride at Universal Studios in Orlando.

He explained that he reached out about a roller coaster that is set in New York.

It didn't quite work the first time, however, Fallon's influence with The Tonight Show had the makers calling him to make his dream come true.

Meanwhile, Fallon, who isn't a stranger to wacky talk show games, played a special game of "Speak Out" with DeGeneres.

It was pretty hilarious despite the gynecologist jokes. You can watch all of the best clips from Fallon's visit on The Ellen Show in the videos below.

Jimmy Fallon Visits The Ellen Show

Jimmy Fallon and Ellen DeGeneres Play Speak Out