Jimmy Fallon Recap: LL Cool J, Rose Byrne, and Big Sean

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Truly a star studded show for Fallon tonight as three major names joined in for some fun.

LL Cool J the new host of Lip Sync Battle, Rose Byrne a very popular actress especially in the last few years, and of course the recently broken hearted Big Sean as it was reported earlier in the day he and Ariana Grande split.

Lip Sync Battle has really been off to a good start drawing in some of the biggest entertainers out there. Part of the success of course must be attributed to the brilliant Jimmy Fallon who proved the concept popular.

Often the battles featured on his show get tens of millions of views within 24 hours or so. LL and Jimmy couldn't make it till the end without rapping a little and funny impromptu performance broke out.

(LL impromptu rap with Jimmy below)

All three stars got together and played a familiar game of pictionary. LL and Rose teamed up against Jimmy and Sean.

It turned out none of the celebrities particularly have a talent for drawing except for Rose but it wasn't enough and Jimmy and Big Sean won.

(LL, Rose, Jimmy, and Big Sean play Pictionary below)

Adult Beginners was the reason that Rose Bryne was by and after being out for quite some time now it is finally getting a wide release in theaters. It tells the story of a young entrepreneur Jake (Nick Kroll) who destroys his life only days before the launch of his new company.

He heads to live with his pregnant sister Justine (Rose Bryne) and his nephew eventually becoming their nanny. The film also stars Joel McHale and Bobby Cannavale and is coming out this week.

The biggest entertainment news of the day always precedes the tonight show. Often though it never features anyone on the show but fate reared it's ugly head and Big Sean preformed. Only hours before it was reported that he and long time girlfriend Ariana Grande had split.

Many actually saw the split and coming at the center of the controversy would be none other than Justin Bieber. Recently while preforming in Miami on stage (with Big Sean in the crowd) the two embraced in a very sensual way.

Then the two got together and produced a behind the scenes music video which is down below.

(I Really Like You Music Video Below)

The fact that Big Sean preformed was really an after thought and he might be heading for obscurity now.

Time will only tell and we will have to wait and see if Ariana and Justin are the new power couple in the music industry.

Tomorrow night 11:35 on NBC Jimmy hosts Blake Lively. Brian Glazer, and Nate Bargatze.