Jimmy Fallon and Ken Jeong Play Turn and Face the Music On The Tonight Show

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You never know what might happen when Ken Jeong appears on a late night talk show.

During his visit to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Jeong and Fallon played a game called Turn and Face the Music, which resulted in some seriously hilarious dancing.

For Turn and Face the Music, contestants would take turns reading lines off of cue cards they have never seen before before breaking into dancing to a random song.

Jeong kicked things off by readin his cue card and wildly dancing to "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun." Next up was Fallon who followed up with a jazz routine.

Jeong pretty much kept up the entire time and the dance moves were quite similar. One of the best dance performances came when the song "Blue" by Eiffel 65 was turned on, sending Jeong into a pulsing dance move, gliding all over the stage.

Other artists included in the dance off included Boys II Men and Ozzy Osbourne.

You can check out Ken Jeong's visit to The Tonight Show Starry Jimmy Fallon in the videos below. Jeong's hit show Dr. Ken returns on Friday, September 23.

Watch Ken Jeong and Jimmy Fallon Plat Turn and Face the Music

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