'Jill and Jessa: Counting On' Recap: Season 2 Episode 4 - Graduations and Wedding Plans

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With all of the previews on TLC in the past few days of Jinger rolling her eyes at her parents' rules about courtship, we just had to know how far she was going to be pushing the limits.

And so we did after tuning in to tonight's episode of "Counting On."

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This episode of "Counting On" opens with Jinger discusses her excitement about taking a trip to visit Jeremy in Texas. Jinger surprises us when she tells us that even though she's really distracted being in love, other than her laundry she's managed to focus on the relationship.

She talks about a gift of art that she's made for Jeremy's family. Jinger notes she's nervous to meet Jeremy's parents.

Next, we learn about Jeremy and his parents' feelings about seeing Jinger. Jeremy greets Jinger with an enthusiastic side hug.

They tell each other they love each other. Jinger talks about her anxiety about making a good first impression with Jeremy's parents. It turns out, Jinger's parents are also along for the trip.

Jeremy then takes Jinger on a tour of his town and his apartment. The special touch to his apartment is all of the photos of him and Jinger together. Jinger is absolutely thrilled about how cozy Jeremy's apartment is.

Jinger's father expresses discomfort with seeing Jeremy's arms around Jinger as they sit together on the couch in his apartment. Jeremy himself is a little shocked that the Duggars would consider embracing Jinger while the're seated to be pushing the rules of courtship.

Jeremy also plays a song for Jinger, that turns out to be their favorite hymn.

Meanwhile, back in Arkansas, John David decides to take Joy for a flight in a small plane. John David has a reputation among the Duggars for being a jack of all trades and has a number of different skills, including having a pilot's license.

Joy's flight in the sky with John David is enough to give anyone flying phobia.

We also get to see a bit more of Jill's daily life. While Derick composes sermons, Jill spends time in a Bible study group with women in the neighborhood.

She practices her Spanish, cook for everyone and built a sense of community. Israel spends his time eyeing the banana bread that Jill makes.

When we return to Jinger's narrative, Jeremy has decided to take everyone on a tour of his hometown. To be frank, there's not that much to see. However, Jinger is rapt on this tour, expressed quite a bit of admiration.

The group stops at Jeremy's favorite restaurant for a meal. Jinger's father decides to seize the moment when they're all seated to give Jeremy a hard time about his salary, the hot weather in Texas and his concerns about the relationship with Jinger moving too fast.

Jeremy maintains a staunch silence.

The final part of the tour is Jeremy's Church where he serves as a pastor. Naturally, Jinger is thrilled.

The most captivating piece of the episode is the Duggar's account of their home schooling. The Duggars set up a graduation for home school as well as individual certificates for each child.

The episode ends with Jinger's sad goodbye to Jeremy. The trip was too short for her.

Jeremy jokes that he'll want to marry Jinger by the next month. The Duggars also have their graduation and the event is quite a party.

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