'Jill and Jessa: Counting On' Recap Episode 8: Finally, The Moment for Ginger's Engagement Has Arrived

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On tonight's episode of TLC's 'Counting On', c'mon, it's gotta be the deciding moment for Jeremy and Jinger. We're willing to bet that we see an engagement tonight.

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Indeed in the first few minutes of the episode, we find out that Jeremy is planning to propose to Jinger when they take a trip to New York.

However, we're still about 45 minutes away from that moment.

We find out that Jinger, Jeremy, Jessa and Ben are planning on going kayaking together. Spurgeon will be minded by Jessa and Jinger's mother. Jinger notes that although she's not a huge fan of sports, she's looking forward to kayaking with Jeremy since it's something he grew up doing. And sure enough, Jinger has a ball on the lake. Later, Jeremy takes Jinger to meet his grandma Vuolo.

They live in New Jersey. Jeremy's grandmother shows Jinger baby pictures of Jeremy. Jinger enjoys her visit - especially since she gets to cook Italian food with Jeremy's grandmother.

Jessa notes that the Duggars' approach to Italilan food is boxed spaghetti and canned sauce. Still, Jinger manages to cook spaghetti and meatballs to Jeremy's delight.

Meanwhile, back at casa Duggar, Jana organizes a meeting to get everyone to help with Jill and Derick's guest home that she's renovating. The boys discuss the comfort with completing "honey do" lists.

Anna comes over to the house and compliments Jana on her taste. Anna is impressed that Jana has done a lot to decorate the home with very little money.

Meanwhile, Jinger has a chance to see what Jeremy's former life was like playing soccer. She also meets several of Jeremy's former teammates. Everyone then has a barbecue together.

Jeremy discusses his plan to propose to Jinger - he's created a ruse in which Jinger will show up for a photo shoot and then he'll surprise her with a ring. Jeremy discusses his nerves about proposing to Luis, his former teammate from soccer.

Particularly problematic is that it's raining and Jeremy plans to propose on a rooftop.

However, it seems that fate is going Jeremy's way because the rain stops and he's able to put his plan into action. Jeremy goes into proposal mode and gets down on one knee and proposes and Jinger's response is......."Yes!"

And there you have it - Jinger said yes. We didn't think that the proposal could have been drawn out more - and it looks like the producers agreed with us.

To see more on Jeremy's excitement about his proposal to Jinger, check out the clip below: