'Jill and Jessa: Counting On' Recap Episode 6: Ben's Football Camp, and a Surprise from Jeremy?

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On tonight's episode of TLC's 'Counting On', there's more news with Jinger and Jeremy. Could tonight be the episode in which Jeremy proposes? Read on to find out.

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At the beginning of the episode, we find out more about Ben's desire to help kids. He wants to do more for local children and decides to begin a football camp to achieve his goal.

So Ben recruits Steve Conley in order to set up camp program. Ben feels excited about launching the camp and talks about how important it is to him that the camp becomes a success.

Next, we learn more about the status of Jinger and Jeremy's relationship. Jinger talks to Jeremy via videoconferencing. Jinger is excited about an upcoming trip to see Jeremy. On this trip.

Jessa, Ben and Spurgeon will be accompanying her. Still, Jinger is nervous about the trip since she's going to be helping Jeremy's grandmother cook in the kitchen. It turns out the Duggars aren't all that familiar with Italian food.

Ben's football camp soon becomes a Duggar family production. It turns out that the Duggars are well suited to assist with large events simply because they're so many of them. But also, the younger Duggars are great about helping out with any events. Jessa reflects on how much help she and Ben got with their wedding.

Flame, a Christian rap artist, also donated CDs and wristbands to the camp. Later, Ben and Jessa head to Steve Conley's for dinner to meet with all of the coaches at the football camp.

The coaches all discusses their passion for football.

In the meantime, Jana and Joy head to the Duggar guesthouse to make plans for a renovation to welcome Jill and Derick back. Jana is practical so she plans to work with what they have.

The two girls make plans that they think Jill will appreciate.

On the day of the football camp's opening, the Duggars all join in on helping out. Despite Ben's passion for the game, the rest of the Duggars aren't all too familiar with football. Still, everyone is impressed by Ben's desire to give back and help out his local community.

It's soon clear that the camp is well attended and is being enjoyed by all of the kids. Ben discusses how competitive he can be which is why he wants his own team of kids to win when the kids have a chance to play against each other.

Ben reflects on how proud he of having helped all of the kids.

In the conclusion of the episode, Jinger has a last minute hair fiasco when she, Jessa, Ben and Jinger's mother are getting ready to leave for their flight to visit Jeremy.

Ben urges Jinger to hurry so that they can make sure they make their flight.

We'll have to wait until the next episode to find out what happens when Jinger gets to Texas...will Jeremy propose when she arrives? Stay tuned until next week.

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