'Jill and Jessa: Counting On' Recap: Episode 5 - Engaged!

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On tonight's episode of TLC's 'Counting On', there's more news with Jinger. Jeremy is coming to town to surprise her, and he stops by a ring store. Will he buy one?

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If you've been keeping up with the online gossip, you'll know that the answer is yes. Jinger and Jeremy are officially engaged -- and you can see more about the couple on Jeremy's website: jeremyvuolo.com.

The episode opens with Jessa and Ben discussing Jeremy and Jinger's relationship. Jessa remarks that she thinks that Jinger and Jeremy are moving quite fast. Reportedly, Jill had a 3 month courtship while Jessa had an 11 month courtship. Ben is surprised that Jeremy plans to go to the jewelry store to check out engagement rings. The family members offer opinions on what constitutes a short courtship.

Everyone agrees that 2-3 weeks is really too fast to determine if you want to be married. Nevertheless, Ben, Jeremy and Jinger's father all head down to White's Jewelers and take a look at engagement rings for Jinger. A ring really speaks to Jeremy and he calls his mother to get her opinion on it.

They decide that Jeremy should send his mother a picture and then regroup. But Jeremy decides that the ring captivates him enough that he should buy the ring and he leaves having purchased a diamond engagement ring.

You can watch Jeremy ring shopping here:

Next, Jinger and Jessa head out to lunch. Jinger and Jessa are very close - Jinger talks about what a big part of Jessa's courtship she was given that she was Jessa's primary confidante.

Jinger and Jessa discuss Jinger's trip to Texas over a nachos lunch.

Meanwhile, Jeremy sneaks into the back of the restaurant where Jessa and and Jinger are having lunch, planning to surprise her when he delivers them their meal. Jinger's jaw drops when Jeremy arrives. Jinger is clearly thrilled to have a double date with Jessa and Ben.

Jessa suggests that if Jinger and Jeremy are interested in doing something fun that they spend time with the younger siblings. So Jinger and Jeremy decide to ride bumper cars with Jinger's younger siblings.

Jinger also enjoys bumper boats but gets frustrated when she's drenched.

At Jessa's house Flame (Marcus Grey) comes to visit. Jessa and Ben had previously visited Flame at his studio. It turns out that Jessa and Ben share a passion for their faith and religion with Flame and Crystal. Ben is surprised to discover that Flame does not have a lot of experience grilling.

Jessa talks with Crystal about how Ben has been going to college part-time. Ben and Flame talk about Ben's idea for a football camp over the grill.

The couples enjoys their food while Ben talks about Jessa's plans to purchase a keyboard and learn how to play.

In the next scene, Ben, Jessa, Flame and Crystal head to the music store to purchase Jessa piano. Flame freestyles with Spurgeon. Jessa then teaches Flame how to play the guitar.

Everyone then heads to the Duggar family home. The younger Duggar siblings play music for Flame. Flame then returns the favor by sitting down at the cello.

After the music, the Duggar guys took Flame outside to teach him to use heavy machinery. They had him try out a backhoe, and after a bit of learning, he really got the hang of it. Flame started moving dirt

At the same time, Jessa and the girls decided to give Crystal a tour of their garden. Crystal was excited to try the fresh fruits and vegetables, and she got to take some home.

But soon it's time for Flame and Crystal to leave Arkansas.

What's next for the Duggars? Well, we're taking bets that Jeremy and Jinger will be engaged before the conclusion of the series.

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And you can see the engagement here:

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