"Jill and Jessa: Counting On" Episode 9: How Long Has Jana Been Feuding with Jessa?

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Bring on the wedding planning! Tonight on "Counting On," we get to see the aftermath of Jeremy and Jinger's engagement and the road to their wedding. In other news, Jessa has a feud going with Jana?

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Jinger and Jeremy are still in New York and sharing their joy about their engagement with everyone. Everyone heads to Korean barbecue with Jessa, Ben and Spurgeon but also several of Jeremy's friends and their wives.

Ben expresses his skepticism about celebrating an engagement with Korean food.

Jessa points out that any sort of food is celebratory. Jinger notes that even though she and Jeremy are now engaged, while she plans to hold hands with him she wants to save their first kiss for their wedding day.

Back at the Duggar's home, Josie expresses her excitement about Jinger getting engaged. Everyone welcomes Jinger home and wishes Jinger joy. John David hypothesizes that Jinger will probably be married in just a few months.

Meanwhile, Jessa and Ben have a very special announcement to make. Jessa crows about being able to get pregnant very quickly, given that Spurgeon is only 6 months old. "I guess I'm built more like my mother," she brags.

Still, Jessa admits she's no more prepared to be a parent to two children than she was to one child. Jinger soon arrives to take a photo of Jessa, Ben and Spurgeon together.

Jessa and Ben plan to reveal the second pregnancy to their entire family in a different way this time.

Jill and Derick are headed home from Central America. They note that Israel has lived most of his life in Central America, given how long they've been there and how young Israel is.

Still, Jill and Derick are excited to head home.

Back at home, Jana and Joy have achieved a lot with the renovation and decoration of the guesthouse for Jill and Derick. Jana and Jessa have a disagreement about how to decorate one room in the home.

Jessa wants to put up family pictures and Jana has a problem with Jessa's suggestions.

On the flight back, Israel has difficulty staying still and remaining quiet. Jill and Derick discuss their excitement about appreciating simple things like drinking water out of the faucet or taking a hot shower.

Everyone sets up a huge welcome for Jill and Derick and their reunion is heartfelt. The Duggars are surprised to see Israel so grown up.

Jill and Derick are thrilled to see what Jana has done with the guesthouse. The next day, they're able to enjoy being in the home with Israel. But Jill and Derick are particularly thrilled about being able to spend time together alone without Israel.

They decide to leave him home with Jessa and Ben and go out on date. But oddly enough, they choose a grocery store to go to.

Back at home, Jessa acknowledges the difficulty of caring for both Israel and Spurgeon. She notes that having two kids is going to be tougher than she thought. This is especially true given that Jessa feels she's been quite tired.

Finally, the day has arrived for Jessa and Ben to announce Jessa's pregnancy. The whole family comes over to Ben and Jessa's home for an ice cream social. Soon, the moment arrives for Jessa's reveal and she hands the photo of her, Ben and Spurgeon to her mother, who immediately guesses the meaning of the photograph.

Everyone is thrilled for Jessa and Ben. Jill wonders what their next child will look like.

The entire family remarks on how fast their clam is growing.

Pretty soon, the Duggars will be able to populate an entire town!

Next time, we'll see more about Jinger's plans for her wedding to Jeremy.

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