"Jill and Jessa: Counting On" Episode 10: Jim Bob Requires 50-Page Questionnaire before Dating a Duggar!

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It's the "confessional" episode of "Jill and Jessa: Counting On" and all of the older Duggars are being brought together to look back on clips of past episodes and discuss recent events in their lives.

The episode kicks off with Jinger's news about her engagement and Jessa's announcement about their new pregnancy.

We sensed a little bit of sibling rivalry when Jill remarks that she's surprised Jessa is pregnant with their second child before she is.

They ask each other "how did that happen," but we think Jill is really thinking, "How could you get pregnant before me?!"

Jessa and Ben also look back on Flame's visit to Arkansas. Ben gets goaded into trying to rap himself and manages to squeeze out a few bars.

Jill and Derick discuss the clips that feature them on their mission. Jill grows tearful while discussing the dangers of living in Central America for nearly one year.

Somehow, Jessa manages to bring the conversation back around to her by discussing her own experience visiting Jill and Derick. Still, it's clear that Derick was truly dedicated to the mission.

Jana reflects on the experience of decorating the guest house for Jill and Derick. Everyone remarks that Jana is truly talented.

We quickly learn that Jeremy is going to be the surprise guest on tonight's episode. And when he arrives, Jinger looks shocked, despite the fact that hopping on a plane to get more publicity isn't all that unexpected.

Jinger and Jeremy get to watch their courtship in a series of clips. Jinger admits to having a love of shopping.

All of the husbands of the oldest Duggar girls talk about how they had to complete questionnaires in order to date the Duggar girls!

Next, Jeremy discusses the decision to get engaged to Jinger and the experience of obtaining Jim Bob's permission to court Jinger.

Everyone reflects on courtship rules which can be quite restrictive. Still, Jeremy discusses the importance of remaining celibate during courtship and the role of God in defining that rule.

Finally, Jessa and Jill discuss the experience of having children.