Jessica Biel Visits The Ellen Show and Surprises Justin Timberlake

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Actress Jessica Biel visited The Ellen Show to chat about what goes down on date night with Justin Timberlake. She also went along with DeGeneres' plot to surprise Timberlake with a pretty hilarious phone call.

Biel will be starring in an upcoming film called The Book of Love, but it was all about her and Timberlake for the most part during her visit to The Ellen Show.

DeGeneres said that Biel and Timberlake stir things up when they dance around together. She pulled up a photo of Biel and Timberlake getting down at a Lakers game and Biel said: sometimes you have to get funky.

DeGeneres also poked fun at some media outlets who may have started pregnancy rumors. The rumors started from the fact that Timberlake had his hands around his wife's waist and on her stomach in a photo.

Biel was shocked and thanked DeGeneres for the surprise. They joked that the next child would be a girl and her name would be Ellen.

The two also chatted about Timberlake's half-court shot skills, while video of him making two shots in a row played behind them.

Biel said she doesn't know where it comes from, however, her husband has the half-court shot down. Year after year, Biel said she would search for something that he is bad at, however, she hasn't found it yet.

Meanwhile, the actress chatted about her new film and how hard it was to get made. She said it was hard to encourage investors to put their money behind it.

Biel dies pretty immediately in the film; however, she comes back in visions and flashbacks. The host and actress also paid Biel's husband a pretty hilarious phone call.

You can check out Biel's visits to The Ellen Show in the videos below. The Book of Love is set to hit theaters on January 13.

Jessica Biel Talks Date Night and Half-court Shots On The Ellen Show

Watch Jessica Biel and Ellen DeGeneres Call Justin Timberlake

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