Jessica Alba Shares Her Secrets To Success and More On The Ellen Show

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There are plenty of celebrities who are looking to break into markets outside of acting.

Jessica Alba is one of those celebrities and her Honest brand of products has been quite successful over the years. The actress and entrepreneur visited The Ellen Show to chat about her secret to success and more.

Alba and DeGeneres chatted about the Halloween celebration with the actress' daughters but when DeGeneres found out that Alba doesn't go to the gym she seemed shocked.

Though it was the perfect opportunity to poke fun at the fact that Alba still looks in shape despite not going to the gym.

The host joked Alba should really start taking care of herself before asking her how she got on the cover of Shape magazine without going to the gym.

The actress and businesswoman revealed that her interview was all about inner beauty and celebrating confidence as well.Alba said that so many beauty companies want you to be someone else, so, her company was created to celebrate yourself and enhance your own beauty rather than reaching to become someone else.

The real origin of the other Honest products came when she discovered that household cleaners all have chemicals that could be harmful to her children.

The goal was to develop products that had performance and safety, as well as accessibility. Alba's company is assessed at $1.7 billion dollars but she said that it's just an evaluation that magazines put on their company.

DeGeneres wanted Alba to know that she should be proud of building a company up from scratch.

You can hear Alba share her secrets to success, opinions on the election in relations to diapers and watch her pitch a couple of products in The Ellen Show videos below.

Jessica Alba Shares Her Secrets To Success On The Ellen Show

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