Jerry Seinfeld's limited edition Porsche 911 damaged, loses temper

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Jerry Seinfeld's car collection is the real life equivalent of your hot wheels collection as a kid.

Like Jay Leno and perhaps even to a greater extent, Seinfeld is known as an avid car collector and enthusiast.

The comedians collection has been priced at $15 million due to cars like his Porsche 911 that are limited production models, this particular Porsche is one out of just 49 in the world.

Reportedly, Yahoo! news has gathered information that the 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RSR was backed into by an oblivious driver while it was parked in the Hamptons last week.

Understandably, Seinfeld lost his cool and is quoted to have said something along the lines of "And even though I'm sure I deserved this, because of who I am and that I have this amazing car, I was furious.

I ran across the street, out of my mind, and yelled at her, 'You just crashed into my car!" by Yahoo! news.

Seinfeld obviously has enough cash to get the car repaired but it will unfortunately never be completely original again.