Jeremy Clarkson Keeps Promise from 'The Grand Tour', Destroys His House

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On this week's first episode of The Grand Tour, Jeremy Clarkson made a bold promise to James May and Richard Hammond: If the Maclaren P1 wasn't faster than the Porsche 918 and Ferrari LaFerrari (yes that's actually the name), he would let Hammond and May destroy his house.

Well, it looks like Clarkson kept his promise: his house was blown up.

The three former Top Gear hosts have been arguing about which car is faster for more months. Clarkson was resolute that the Maclaren was the fastest car, while Hammond and May thought the Porsche or Ferrari would be faster.

During this week's The Grand Tour on Amazon, the cars were put to the test. Although the Maclaren was actually the fastest during the test, it was using special Pirelli tires that gave it an unfair advantage.

Then, guys retried the test using standard tires on all three cars. And the Maclaren lost.

So in the end, Clarkson agreed that his house would be destroyed. But would it?

Jeremy Clarkson's House Demolished

According to The Telegraph, Jeremy Clarkson's house did in fact get blown up. In early September, his farmhouse in Oxfordshire, UK was destroyed using explosives.

At the time people were confused about why Clarkson would do such a thing instead of doing a standard demolition.

The explosion annoyed neighbors and created a giant pile of rubble eyesore. But Clarkson had the necessary permits, and now it's clear why it happened.

The Telegraph also reported that The Grand Tour was filming in the area at the time, so you can bet this will be part of a future episode of the show.

There was a bit of an ulterior motive, however. Clatrkson intended to build a much bigger house on the same plot, and he needed the old farmhouse gone in order to do that.

It's not clear whether Amazon paid for his house in order to do this stunt. At the least, they probably paid for the demolition.

You may remember than during the Top Gear days, Clarkson also promised he'd change his name to "Jennifer" if the Maclaren didn't win. No word on what has happened to that promise.

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