Jennifer Lopez Talks Meeting Alex Rodriguez and More On The Ellen Show

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Superstar Jennifer Lopez paid a visit to The Ellen Show and dished the details on how she met Alex Rodriguez, play a game of last dance and much more.

Also in attendance was Lopez's two kids who also had a little fun.

Lopez is not under the weather this time around and that's thanks to her days off. DeGeneres said it was one of the reasons she couldn't keep a steady boyfriend and casually brought up the fact that Lopez has a boyfriend.

The host said she was really excited for her and Rodriguez and wanted to hear about how they met. However, Lopez said it was very simple, she was having lunch somewhere and tapped him on the shoulder to say hi.

They chatted a bit about why he moved out to LA and agreed that they should hang out sometime. The story couldn't be any simpler but the fans and DeGeneres really just had to know.

Later on in the show, Lopez shows off her dance moves in Last Dance, as she will be one of the judges on the all new World of Dance TV show.

Meanwhile, Lopez also brought her kids along for some fun on The Ellen Show. You can check out all of the major clips from her visit in the videos below.

Jennifer Lopez Talks Meeting Alex Rodriguez and More On The Ellen Show

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