Jennifer Hudson Accuses David Otunga Of Being Abusive; He Denies It

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Some sad news has arrived regarding celebrity couples. American Idol singer Jennifer Hudson and current WWE commentator David Otunga have split up.

As reported by ENews, Jennifer Hudson has obtained a restraining order against David Otunga.

She claims that he has been physically abusive towards her. She does not want him to see both her and their 8 year old son named David Daniel Otunga Jr.

The tipping point of their relationship ended a few days ago. Hudson took their son inside the recording studio at 12:30am.

Otunga felt Hudson was being irresponsible allowing him to stay up so late on a school night. What happened after the argument has conflicting reports.

Hudson says Otunga started physically pushing her.

However, TMZ received a statement from Otunga's attorney and he claims he never physically harmed her in any way. Otunga is hoping to throw the restraining order out so he can spend time with his son this Thanksgiving.

The pair's relationship actually soured a few months ago when Otunga claimed Hudson was cheating on him. This week's argument just made things worse. Otunga is hoping to get custody of their son, but Hudson is seeking the same thing.

Surprisingly, the pair never got married despite getting engaged.

That said, it sounds like the two will never get back together again after this incident. The pair were together for close to ten years until things started fizzling out earlier this year.

It's worth noting if Otunga is found guilty of actually being abusive towards Hudson, he would immediately be suspended or fired from his commentary job in WWE. WWE has zero tolerance whenever its employees create negative PR for the company.

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