Jenna Marbles Debuts 'Peach The Puppy' On YouTube

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Jenna Marbles (Mourey) debuted a new video on her YouTube channel showcasing the newest member of her furry friends Peach.

Mourey introduces Peach to her near 3.5 million followers on Twitter and her over 12.7 million subscribers on YouTube. The video features an introduction and video footage of the first day they picked up Peach.

Mourey was so emotional about the experience she began to cry and she absolutely adores the new pup.

Prior to uploading the video today, Mourey gave fans a preview of Peach via Instagram and Twitter. Mourey is also the host of the Sirius XM and YouTube show "The YouTube 15." She is know for her YouTube success and she also puts out a new video every Wednesday.

Her videos feature fun topics and spoofs along with a ton of puppy talk and segments featuring her animals.