Jenn Mcallister Puts Some Interesting Things In Her Mouth In Her Latest Video

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YouTube stars are certainly some of the most entertaining performers out there right now and Jenn Mcallister is no exception.

Jennifer Ann Mcallister (aka Jenn Mcallister) has climbed to fame through all of her activity on YouTube, whether it's her ever popular YouTube channel, which now has 2.9 million subscribers or her YouTube Red Original series "Foursome." But her latest YouTube video certainly takes her usual style to a whole new level.

Jenn Mcallister's latest video is a permutation of a prior video in which she gave a stranger $200 of her money to buy a number of random, "weird" objects from Target, bring them back to her and then go through all of them, showcasing what the stranger had bought.

This time, Jenn decides to do the same thing, except with food. So she texts a random YouTube fan and tells them that if they spend $100 on random food, she'll taste everything. Yes, everything!

Naturally, the stranger complies and asks Jenn where she wants the food from.

She responds, "Ralphs" which is a local grocery store. A few minutes later, we hear the doorbell ring and Jenn Mcallister returns to her kitchen with two large bags of random food.

Jenn's "stranger" has clearly given the items of food quite a bit of thought, because although the first item, lychee juice is a hit, pretty soon Jenn finds herself tasting jalapeno spam, whole baby clams from a can and wild herring in wine sauce. The wild herring definitely makes Jenn regurgitate.

Then, there's a Japanese marble soda, which is actually quite tasty, but it's quickly chased by Gafilte fish. Jenn's pretty grossed out by it.

One bag down and one more to go. Jenn's next item is a ham spread which has a fairly disgusting texture and appearance. Still, she dutifully spoons it up and tastes it. It turns out to be a pleasant surprise.

The packaged chicken salad, however, is a failure. After the white fish pyke and canned sardines, Jenn Mcallister is definitely starting to notice a theme.

Clearly the second bag is a much tougher tasting challenge given how much of the food Jenn spits up. However, she finally makes it to her last item and vows that she's probably never has such as disgusting tasting experience.

Youtube/Jenn McAllister