Jenga Challenge & Drunk Tales With Grace Helbig and Elliot Morgan

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The ever adorably awkward Grace Helbig, tries her hand at the Jenga challenge once more. This time she'll play comedian, Elliot Morgan, for who will have to perform Silento's Whip/Nae Nae dance.

(Video Below)

Helbig had perviously asked viewer to give her suggestions for truths and dares on her facebook page. She then went on to write those suggestions on some of the Jenga blocks.

Helbig had Morgan over for a podcast and invited him to participate in the challenge.

The challenge kicked off but most of the pieces picked are not ones she had written on. Probably would have been more fun if she had written on all of them.

Finally, Helbig plucks a block with a truth asking for her most embarrassing drunk story. The story does not fail to entertain.

Then Morgan decides he's going to share his worst drunk story, without much prompting.

Again it's a story that will not fail to make you giggle. Then the game progresses until Helbig finally knocks the tower over and has to perform the Whip to Morgan's beatboxing.