Jen Selter's Booty Motivates Her Followers To Get Into Shape: Quotes Drake On Twitter

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As humble as she is Jen Selter knows that she has arguably one of Instagram's best bootys which happens to motivate her Twitter and Instagram followers to get into shape.

A lucky fan of Selter's was retweeted by the fitness model after she said that she would be using Selter's photo as her background for motivation.

The fan was also quite delighted when her idol retweeted her and answered in her own retweet saying, "This Happened."


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Of course there were those who took advantage of the fan moment and turned it into something dirty.

However, given the fact that Selter's booty is all over Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr, she will have to contend with people asking her for nudes and being rude, such as the two below.

As she gets back to Tumblr, she also manages to share some key tips on how to be happy.

Selter posted a quote to Tumblr which read, "Ignore people who think they know more about you than you do." That is some solid advice from someone who continues to try to motivate her followers.

Today Selter also showed that she is somewhat of a fan by quoting some lyrics from his new song "6 God" and using the hashtage #DRAKEEE.

All the booty motivation you need is on @squatspo #SquatLife

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