Jen Selter Is More Than Her Perfect Booty, Toned Abs To Make Guys Jealous

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Fitness model and social media personality Jen Selter is all about her booty on Instagram, however the latest post showing off her abs proves that there is much more to her that her perfect booty.

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The photo above is pretty much how anyone who thinks of Selter would picture her, in a pose showing off the booty she worked extremely hard to get.

The fitness motivator used the peach emoji in the caption of this photo and well, you can pretty much see why.

That being said, it's not all about the booty for Selter, she embodies every aspect of training and most recently showed off her abs for all of Instagram to see.

Monday session done! What's your favorite ab exercises? Follow @iamfitmiss for great workout ideas

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Selter doesn't keep all of the secrets to herself. In the video showing off her flat, toned abs, she also sent her fans to follow @iamfitmiss for great workout ideas so that they can see some Selter-like gains themselves.

Motivation and interaction is something Selter followers know all too well. She is a personality that really mixes in a teaching experience for those looking to get the body they want or maybe the body she has.

#HumpDay! Follow @motivationforfitness for more motivation New snapchat is JenSelter

A photo posted by Jen Selter (@jenselter) on

For those looking for more information on her workouts, Selter's Facebook page contains some pretty great information for anyone who want's get into shape.