Jeff Ross Roasts Female Prisoners In His New Special

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Earlier in the week comedian Jeff Ross stopped by the Howard Stern SiriusXM radio show to promote his new special "Jeff Ross Roasts Criminals: Live At Brazos County Jail".

Comedy Central recently released an excerpt from the special featuring Ross as he roasts some female prisoners.

(Video Below)

In the clip Ross encounters a prisoner by the name of Big Momma Jo and clowns on her by targeting her boobs and some of the women she is sitting with. Ross is quite frankly one of the most famous celebrity roasters.

Taking his talent to a prison setting might not seem like the most ideal stand-up crowd but they really do look to be enjoying it.

Ross did say that he was nervous to be in that type of setting in his Howard Stern interview but like he said towards the end of the video, the inmates found it in them to find the humor in their situation. In his feature he also dishes out some pretty intense facts about incarceration in America that might also bring some education to viewers.

If you enjoyed Ross during his many appearances on the Comedy Central Celebrity Roasts then you will definitely enjoy this. It's one of his best features to date and you can check out the clip below.

"Jeff Ross Roasts Female Prisoners"