Jeff The Drunk Tells Howard Stern About His Tan, On Periscope Account Number 3

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It's been quite some time since The Howard Stern SiriusXM radio show crew and fans have heard from Jeff The Drunk.

Truth-be-told, Jeff The Drunk didn't appreciate how long it was until he finally got back on to the show again.

Stern actually kicked off the show with Jeff The Drunk which is kind of rare.

Instead of fans being eased into the show, they were immediately immersed in Jeff The Drunk who Stern said embarrasses them when he whines about not appearing on the show.

"Howard asked Jeff what he has for them. Jeff said first he has to talk about his tan, he has to talk about his arm and his eye," according to MarksFriggin.

"Howard said Jeff gets all blotchy and red when he tans. Jeff said he's got a tan like George Hamilton."

Jeff also talked a bit about his special lady friend, however, he said that nothing happened between them. Meanwhile, Stern said that Jeff's tan looks more like a big rash.

Jeff said that due to his tan, he was asked if he was Mexican.

"Shuli came in and said that Jeff is on his third Periscope account. His second one was canceled," according to MF.

"He said he's pissed people off and their purpose is to get him kicked off. Shuli said there are grown adults who are upset that he has blocked them so they create chaos and havoc in his life."

This was just a taste of Jeff's crazy phone call from the Stern Show.