JD Harmeyer Tells Howard Stern About His Girlfriend & Upcoming Vacation

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It looks like Howard Stern is becoming impressed by JD Harmeyer as they spoke about his girlfriend and his upcoming vacation during the SiriusXM Radio show.

The Howard Stern show kicked off with some chat about Harmeyer and what a man he's become since his girlfriend came along. Stern commented about discussing what a man Harmeyer was becoming calling him "very demonstrative," according to MarksFriggin.

"JD came in and Howard said he heard the girlfriend is really cute," reported MarksFriggin.

"Howard said she's brought out the JD personality. Howard said it sounds like he's in love.

JD said he thinks so. Howard said he also heard that she's really into him and was fixing his hair and telling him he looks good. Howard said she says that he has a great ass too."

Stern seemed very happy for Harmeyer who told him that it was nice to feel wanted.

It's so nice in fact, that Harmeyer put in some time so he could go on vacation to New Orleans with his girlfriend because she loves the food down there.

His girlfriend has been there a few times, according to Harmeyer's statements and she's interested in seeing the buildings. Stern joked about seeing the same change in Fred that he sees in Harmeyer.