Jared Leto's Silence On 'Suicide Squad' & Joker Hype Strange But Justifiable

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He's a rockstar, activist, philanthropist, artist and actor. Simply put, there is probably nothing that Jared Leto can't do. That being said, he doesn't seem to be adding to the "Suicide Squad" hype, mainly surrounding his character the Joker.

The 2015 San Diego Comic Con literally has fans ready to get 2015 over with so they can check out the upcoming "Suicide Squad" film next year. While most of the cast was in attendance for David Ayer's surprise debut of the official trailer, Leto who will be playing the Joker, was nowhere to be found.

Not only is that a bit strange, but Leto hasn't spoken much about the role or promoted the film in anyway via social media like his co-stars such as Margot Robbie (Harley Quinn) has.

Leto not appearing at the 2015 Comic Con event can be simply explained with scheduling conflicts as he does have a band, some of you might have heard about them, "30 Seconds To Mars." He's also a very active advocate for peace and widely known animal lover.

So with many things going on in his life it would be safe to speculate that he's just flat out busy. Well, if that's the case then when isn't he promoting the film via social media?

On the top of Royal Arches first day in @YosemiteNPS. Pic by @renan_ozturk. #GreatWideOpen #DoOrDie

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It's not like Leto isn't active on social media, in fact, he's been sharing photos and tweets from his recent trip to Yellowstone National Park and his work with the World Wildlife Federation. Really, with all of the great projects he's been a part of, his lack of promotion for the "Suicide Squad" might just be Leto not wanting to have the great work he does for the greater good become over shadowed. The role of the Joker is a very dark and twisted character.

Let's real life personality differs immensely, however, being the great actor he is, you wouldn't guess it from the menacing seconds that were teased in the trailer.

The film also happens to be almost more than a year away so why give one of the most highly anticipated characters in the film any hype now? Might as well save it for next year right? Would you want to see more enthusiasm from Leto on the role or would you rather him build the hype closer to the film? Let us know in the comments below.

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