Jane Seymour Becomes A Doctor And A Morphine Drug Lord In: 'Funny Or Dies' Dr. Quinn, Morphine Woman

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What happens when you try to re-invent "Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman" in today's day and age? Well, it's pretty much a cross between "Breaking Bad" and Dr. Quinn and it's hilarious.

(Video Below)

Funny or Die has released their newest parody-skit today in a re-boot of "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" by introducing, "Dr. Quinn, Morphine Woman" featuring Jane Seymour.

The beloved role does a complete 180 by having Dr. Quinn taking on the role as being the towns drug lord.

After prescribing morphine over and over again to her patients, they have become addicted to it and are now banging down her door money in hand to get their morphine fix.

The humorous play on an old classic is very funny and Seymour is able to channel her comedic side to make it all a little more believable. She wears a pair of Walter White signature glasses and her cowboy hat as she gets ready to deliver the product.

As the money rolls in she has to produce more morphine for the town of addicts.

This is surely "not your grandmother's Dr. Quinn." Make sure you don't get her name wrong either or you will learn a very "valuable lesson."

Watch "Dr. Quinn, Morphine Woman Below"

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