Jane Fonda Tells Ellen DeGeneres the Story About Skinny Dipping With Michael Jackson

Loose teeth and skinny dipping with Michael Jackson, yep, it was another hilarious visit on the Ellen Show. Jane Fonda appeared on the Ellen Show and shared a pretty interesting story about skinny dipping with Michael Jackson.

The interview kicked off with a story about Fonda loosing a tooth at a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton that George Clooney held at his house, before later on diving into the skinny dipping story with Michael Jackson.

DeGeneres was there and said Fonda had a little tooth incident. She says that Fonda was leaving and hiding her mouth.

Fonda says a lot of people made her feel better about losing it. Fonda is 78 and the crowd clapped in awe because as DeGeneres says, she looks great for the age.

Fonda says she has a fake hip and fake knee so you should see what happens to her at the airport. She says as you get older the body definitely declines, but even if your body is declining or you're sick, you're spirit and your heart is always growing and evolving.

DeGeneres says it's a very youth oriented society and she thinks it is what Clinton is fighting against as well. Fonda says it is so exciting that Clinton could be our president.

DeGeneres says that Fonda has been an activist and supports Clinton. Fonda says it's not just her gender because even a man could play the woman card.

She says she will deal with things like domestic violence and equal pay. DeGeneres says the amount that Clinton is attacked and the way she bounces back is incredible.

Meanwhile, DeGeneres asked Fonda about a story she recently heard. She heard that Fonda swam nude with Michael Jackson and Fonda didn't deny it one bit.

She says Jackson was visiting her when she was shooting on Golden Pond and she had a little cabin on the lake.

Fonda says one night it was a full moon and Jackson told her they should go swimming. Fonda says it was his idea and he hadn't brought a bathing suit.

Fonda says she is the only person in the world who has skinny dipped with Michael Jackson and Greta Garbo. You can hear about Fonda's skinny dipping extravaganzas with Jackson and Garbo in the video below.

Watch Jane Fonda Tell Her Story of Skinny Dipping with Michael Jackson on the Ellen Show

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