Jamie Foxx Joins The Ellen Show For Some Sumo Fun

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Jamie Foxx will be kicking off 2017 in style with a new film titled, Sleepless.

The actor stopped by The Ellen Show to chat about how his celebration went, do a little more celebrating and have some Su'Move It, Move It fun.

Foxx didn't seem to have too great of a New Year's Eve celebration as he shared the struggle with trying to get to a venue on time.

He joked that he and his entourage just jumped out of the car and started hugging and celebrating with everyone.

To make up for that celebration, he counted down on The Ellen Show with the audience and hugged as many as he could.

The actor also revealed that he was in bad shape a little while back. He claimed that his belly was "wrong" and no one wanted to tell him.

Foxx shared a photo that someone took of him and said that's when he knew he had to get back to it.

DeGeneres raved about how versatile Foxx is and he said he got his action face from Denzel Washington, followed by a spot on impression of the decorated actor.

Foxx also shared a story of how he met T.I. for the first time before he was actually famous. Then it was time for a newer game called Su'move It, Move It which you pretty much have to see to believe it.

You can watch Jamie Foxx's hilarious visit to The Ellen Show in the videos below. Sleepless hits theaters on January 13.

Jamie Foxx Celebrates New Year's On The Ellen Show

Su'move It, Move It With Jamie Foxx