James Corden Wow's Us All With His 'Opening Number' At The 2016 Tony Awards

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After his opening number and the incredible job he did hosting the 2016 Tony Awards, James Corden deserves endless standing ovations. Watching Corden perform reminds us that he is much more than a late night television host.

Corden gave the performance of a lifetime honoring some of Broadway's greatest shows including, Hamilton, Sweeney Todd, Annie, The Lion King, Jesus Christ Superstar and much more at the 2016 Tony Awards. Corden wowed the crowd who cheered during the entire performance.

He joked towards the end that he would be back at his regular day job, or, evening job if you will.

The dancing and singing was simply masterful and Corden, who visited the Howard Stern SiriusXM radio show last week did express his excitement to host the show.

He is a natural performer and it's hard to imagine he is the host of The Late Late Show instead of pursuing a career in Broadway, which, he clearly could have if he wanted to.

You can watch James Corden's opening number from the 2016 Tony Awards in the video below.

Watch James Corden's Opening Number At the 2016 Tony Awards