James Bond 25 Release Date Could Change If Danny Boyle Is Involved

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The 25th James Bond could have a major release date delay if the producers of the film are still interested in getting Dann Boyle to direct it.

This is because Boyle is tied into making another movie first that could affect his current filming schedule.

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Danny Boyle is currently attached to direct an untitled comedy film being made over at Universal Pictures. Boyle and Love Actually's writer Richard Curtis are both penning the script for this new comedy. 

According to insiders, The Hollywood Reporter says that this comedy is the next project for Danny Boyle with plans for it to start shooting this Summer.

If that schedule goes ahead, Eon Productions may have to delay the release date of James Bond 25 if Boyle still wants to direct it, or they could just find another director.

James Bond 25 currently has a release date of November 8th, 2019 which is impossible for Boyle to direct if the comedy is to be filmed later this year.

My guess is that Eon Productions will have to find a new director as I doubt star Daniel Craig wants to wait even longer to reprise the role of James Bond for the final time.

Daniel Craig is the only name attached to the new James Bond film. No director or any other cast members have been confirmed at this time. 

A lot of rumored names have been attached to direct the film, but everyone seems to be busy at the moment. Arrival director Denis Villeneuve likes the Bond series, although he's unlikely to be able to direct the new film. 

Christopher Nolan is another huge James Bond fan, although the director said in a recent interview that now isn't the best time.

It sounds like Nolan wants to only direct a Bond film if it's an entirely new reboot so he can choose his own actors and story.

Hopefully some more details about James Bond 25 are revealed to us later this year. The Bond franchise has been in hiatus since Daniel Craig couldn't decide if he wanted to come back for one last hurrah or not. 

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