Jake Gyllenhaal Tells Ellen DeGeneres What It Takes For Him To Get Naked

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Actor Jake Gyllenhaal recently visited The Ellen Show and looked a bit nervous to be there.

Why? Because the last time he was there, DeGeneres pulled a pretty scary prank on him. Never-the-less, he chatted about what he has been up to since the last scare and revealed what it takes for him to get naked.

Gyllenhaal made sure he checked his surroundings because he was so terrified the last time he was there.

DeGeneres said she tried to get him by hiding in the bathroom but he never went in because he knew she was in there.

Gyllenhaal had a little technical difficulties with his mic but after fixing it, he answered a pretty direct question.

DeGeneres wanted to know if he was naked in a lot of his movies. Gyllenhaal said he was and DeGeneres wondered why he would be naked in films but wouldn't take his shirt off for the people in the audience that care.

The actor said he believes that the nudity in the movies is a service to the movie.

Gyllenhaal also explained his next film Nocturnal Animals, set to hit theaters on December 9.

DeGeneres raved about how great the story is and she thinks most people will have questions. You can check out Gyllenhaal's interview and game of "Make Jake" in The Ellen Show videos below.

Jake Gyllenhaal Tells Ellen DeGeneres What It Takes For Him To Get Naked

Jake Gyllenhaal Plays Make Jake On The Ellen Show