J. Cole's February 2016 Release May Not Be Coming

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When J. Cole dropped a hint towards a possible February release fans went wild trying to figure out what it could be. Now, we all find ourselves on the last day of the month and it's looking as if there won't actually be a new release.

Of course it's still early on in the day to rule out any kind of release from Cole the general feeling surrounding the project is that it won't be making its way to fans. Cole never actually followed up on the verse from his Black Friday Freestyle over Kendrick Lamar's "Alright." So, most of the hype just came from the line where he said this February would be getting scary.

The music cut before he could actually name what he was going to release so even that was a mystery to fans.

What makes it even more unlikely for Cole to release something this week would be the fact that his Dreamville artist Bas is releasing his Too High To Riot album on Friday, March 4. There is no way that Cole would steal the shine from one of his artists in the same week that they are releasing an album. He's been very vocal about supporting his artists making it a no-brainer that he wouldn't upstage his own artists.

With all this being said, J. Cole has brought fans an incredible set of music and some of the most unforgettable live performances during the 2014 Forest Hills Drive Tour.

Quite frankly we don't anticipate anyone being upset with one of the best artists in hip-hop. In the meantime, we'll keep bumping the 2014 Forest Hills Drive album and patiently await the next masterpiece from Cole.