J. Cole Revisits the '2014 Forest Hills Drive Tour' For Billboard's Hot 100 Fest

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If you were lucky enough to catch J. Cole on his 2014 Forest Hills Drive tour then you know that it was a pretty awesome show filled with spectacular performances from one of hip-hop's greatest artists right now. He recently revisited the 2014 Forest Hills Drive set for Billboard's Hot 100 fest.

"As the sunshine gave way to moderate rain showers, the real storm was brewing on the Billboard Hot 100 stage on Sunday (Aug.

21) night as headliner J. Cole unleashed throwback gems and fiery cuts from his platinum 2014 album 2014 Forest Hills Drive," reported Billboard.

"Deafening chants of 'J. Cole! J. Cole! J. Cole!' erupted throughout the show, especially when he performed crowd favorites like 'Wet Dreamz' and 'No Role Modelz.'"

Back in August of 2015 we provided a detail review of J. Cole's 2014 Forest Hills Drive because of how special the show was.

Cole really gave his all on each track and didn't even have to rap much as the crowd pretty much knew all of the lyrics to his songs from the platinum album.

It's a memorable experience for the true hip-hop fan and for Billboard Fest concert-goers, they were truly lucky to see the performance long after the tour has ended.

We can't wait to see what else J. Cole has in store for the future but we know he won't disappoint, he never has.