It's 'Mad Max: Fury Road' But With Paintballs and GoKarts

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It's clear that "Mad Max: Fury Road" has become one of the popular summer movies this year.

The movie was intense and shown a spotlight on many characters. Plus, actions scenes are always better when they're a dangerous car chase in a dangerous post apocalyptic world.

Since the movie came out there have been different renditions, and remake of certain scenes from the film. From Conan O'Brien, who pretended to be the flame-throwing guitar player on in his trip San Diego Comic Con clip.

To a short films set in the "Mad Max" world that didn't have much to do with the movie except for the world. This video posted by devinsupertramp, is a remake of a particular scene from the movie.

Armed with paint ball guns instead of real ones, and go-karts instead of cars, except of course for the truck that represents Furiosa's vehicle, they redid the scene.

While the vehicles are traveling at a much slower speed than they appear in the movie and some stunts don't flow as well, the video is pretty amazing. Hopefully, they'll make more.

Mad Max GoKart Paintball War - 4K!