Italian Trolls Buzzfeed's 'Questions American's Have For Italians' With His Own Response

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An Italian by the name of Marco Merrino has made a response video to Buzzfeed's "Questions Americans Have For Italians" and he totally trolls the media site.

(Video Below)

Buzzfeed is ranked as the number 239 site in the world according to SimilarWeb.

However, that doesn't stop Merrino from giving them the answers they requested in their video.

In the video Buzzfeed staff posed questions such as, "how can their men eat all the pasta that they want but still be as hot as they are," "how do you manage to stay tan all year round," "do you get sick of eating pasta," "why do you speak with your hands."

In Merrino's response, he uses the original video from Buzzfeed and adds clips of his answers. You can tell that there is an obvious mixture of sarcasm and annoyance in the responses. Merrino does admit that Italians use their hands when they speak but clowns on the questions that have pretty obvious answers.

A prime example would be the question, "if I go to Italy will I actually see a Super Mario Bro. walking around?" Merrino cleverly replies with a question of his own by asking if he would see a Captain America character walking around in America.

The video surfaced on Reddit and is now making it's way into viral stardom. You can check it out below.

Watch Marco Merrino's Response to Buzzfeed below.

Dear America...

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Posted by Marco Merrino Videos on Sunday, October 11, 2015