Is Art For Everyone?

Dreamers..... its something we deep down inside, actually are. But our dreams are even more closer to reality than we even know.

It is our distant thoughts of doubt which seem to always flood our souls and continuously fight with our hearts and minds almost every time.

We are all special and we all hold hidden talents and artistic values that we may not recognize or feel we are worthy of displaying.

People can be cruel and doubt a persons ability just because they look a certain way or wear certain kinds of clothing, or even just act differently than what they're accustomed to.

I feel what may be weird to many is just different and different isn't bad it is just a form of expression.

In the winter of 2010, I met a guy named Daniel who lived in the Upper Westside of Manhattan in NYC. He moved in to one of my best friend's apartments as a roommate. My friend and him connected due to an ad online and Daniel responded. Nothing spectacular about this part of the story but very necessary to explain. Daniel needed a place to stay and he was looking for roommates who were respectable and down to earth. Needless to say it worked out well.

When I first met Daniel, I admit I looked at this guy who was dressed in that retro 80's type of rocking roll gear. If I had to compare I'd say he looked like a member of the rock band The Ramones. He had a number of piercings and tattoos and he appeared to be sleeping in the streets.

I thought to myself what was his story and who was he? I also felt that if my friends were comfortable and they trusted him, then so would I. The relationship between them was good but I never could have imagined what I was a witness to.

Daniel opened up his black nap sack as we sat outside their building and he pulled out a huge note pad of drawings. He had drawn over hundreds of pictures of virtually every famous celebrity and characters from books or just things that came to his mind or he saw on the streets of New York. As I looked at each and every picture I thought to myself he was an artistic genius. He showed me these drawing but he didn't really have faith in his work or even dare to speak highly of himself.

I thought they were amazing and they were a reflection of his life. Daniel made me realize we should never judge a book by it's cover.

We all hold something special inside of our hearts that we can value as art. We need to open our hearts and minds and see them for what they are and not