An Honest Year Talks Origins and Inspirations

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Drawing from the golden days of 90's and early 2000's punk rock era, An Honest year has become a huge hit with over 100,000 fans on twitter.

The hard-hitting classic sound draws from inspirations such as New Found Glory and Yellowcard.

It's just the right pace for rock fans and brings hope for a sound that when done right can stimulate your adrenaline and leave you wanting more.

The band gives Empty Lighthouse a little insight into the origins and what fans can look forward to in the future.

Empty Lighthouse: How did the band come together?

When An Honest Year started we were living in 2 different states (Florida and Pennsylvania). Matt (vocals) came down to Florida to visit his cousin Jon (Rhythm Guitar) in August of 2012. With a lot of us in Florida at this time, we decided it would be a good idea to record an EP to get some music out there. It was cool to see it all come together because it was initially all written acoustically over Skype.

We released the self-titled EP with our brand "An Honest Year" in September of 2012. The reception was incredible and we started to develop some hype.

With the feedback being as encouraging as it was, we decided to all move to one location and got a band house together in Orlando, FL in January of 2013. That's the shortened version at least.

Empty Lighthouse: Who are some of your musical inspirations?

We all come from very diverse musical backgrounds, including punk, pop, metal, and hip hop.

It definitely makes for really interesting creative input and writing styles during our writing process. A few of our main inspirations include New Found Glory, blink-182, Yellowcard, Coldplay, Relient K, and Boys Like Girls.

Empty Lighthouse: Who would be a dream collaboration?

A dream collaboration for us, that's a cool question, and something we talk about a lot actually.

I think we would all mutually love to work with guys like Dave Grohl, Chris Martin, Martin Johnson, Chad Gilbert, Mark Hoppus and The Madden Brothers; just to name a few.

Empty Lighthouse: Have you had any strange tour moments?

Honestly, we haven't really had any crazy stories yet, which sounds really lame in context.

I'm sure they'll come along eventually since it certainly seems unavoidable but we haven't really been together that long. Once we get out there more this question will be a lot easier to answer.

Empty Lighthouse: Whats coming up next for you guys?

We've been writing consistently since our last release, so we have a lot of new material. We're working on releasing a new single/music video within the next month or so.

Shooting for a new EP and being on the road by the end of summer. We're extremely excited and can't wait for everyone to hear our new songs!

For more info visit the bands homepage and follow them on Twitter for updates and new projects. Check out their EP "An Honest Year," and "Moments" available for download on iTunes.