Interview: The Nostalgia Critic Talks Upcoming Events, Jared Leto's Joker & Films He's Excited For

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The Nostalgia Critic has been doing well since we last spoke to him. He has collaborated with the Angry Video Game Nerd in a review of Michael Bay's notorious Ninja Turtles film, and he reviewed all three Matrix movies.

We caught up with him again, and he gave his opinion about some of the recent trends in film.

Are there any exciting developments coming to your channel?

"There are a couple, but for now we're keeping them secret. Many of them are NC related, but like I said I don't want to give anything away yet."

How are you enjoying the current slew of summer movies (Avengers: Age of Ultron, Mad Max, Etc.)?

"They're a lot of fun. MUCH better than that dark age of movies I did an editorial about 1996-2001."

What upcoming films are you most excited for? Are you buying into the hype for The Force Awakens?

"Honestly I'm really excited to see Inside Out.

I know that's a lame answer but it has such potential, and it'll be nice to see Pixar do something that seems to play more to their strengths (not a sequel or a princess movie)."

Jared Leto as The Joker has been one of the more controversial topics in film as of late. What do you make of his take on the character, given what little we know about it yet?

"Oh I don't know; he scared me.

You can never tell this early on, I originally thought Heath Ledger looked awful as the Joker, but when you see how it worked into the style of the film, it was a perfect match.

I'll wait until I see the final outcome."

Your review of The Ninja Turtles was with Angry Video Game Nerd. How did he get involved with the video?

"We were just talking about how it's probably time to do something together again and that the TMNT 2014 movie seemed perfect...and it was! It was so much fun to work with him again."

Do you have plans to attend any summer comic or anime conventions?

"I got one in Finland coming up as well as a few others. I got most of them out of the way early this year, but we'll see if anymore pop up."

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